dLAAR is founded by Sabijn Dulaart and is a platform making a step forward with companies and firms towards a more people-centered, responsive, agile and great to work platforms.

'As a business anthropologist I come from a holistic view on how people, talent and business interconnect. With expertise in strategic talent-management, self-organizing teams and tooling for self-awareness, building together on engagement and new performance dynamics in organizations.

Most experienced with knowledge intensive companies such as consulting, publishing, legal, artists and larger corporates such as DSM, Microsoft and ING. Co-creating with clients for the best solutions. Firm in getting the best out of people and organization: independent, unconventional and ambitious.

Talent and presence at work

Being an 'early adapter' and educated in modern management methodologies for the past 15 years, we see that more recently a large number of people and companies who got inspired by the ideas of 'Reinventing Organizations' from Frederic Laloux. I share the strong believe in the need to make sense in business life.

A driving force in my work is to create people-centric organisations, based on three principles that facilitate talent development: ownership, mastery and aspiration.'