People Strategist & Impact Coach

Coaching leaders, teams and companies to create better conditions for a natural fit between people, talent and business. As a business anthropologist it's impossible NOT to interconnect people, talent and business. To work out this logic for businesses it needed some expertises in human engineering:  business- and life coaching, assessments tooling for self-awareness, strategic talent-management,  new performance dynamics and frameworks for self-organizing teams in organizations.

Experience is based form my work in knowledge intensive companies such as legal, consulting, publishing, technical firms or some corporates such as DSM, Microsoft and ING. My preferred client relationship is one of a trusted advisor, co-creating for the best solutions. I am firm in getting the best out of people and organization: with enthousiasm, unconventional and warm.

Being an 'early adapter' and educated in modern management methodologies for the past 15 years, we see today that a large number of people and companies are open to the ideas of 'Reinventing Organizations' from Frederic Laloux. I share the believe that we need to make sense in business life.

A driving force in my work is to create people-centric organisations, based on three principles which are crucial for people development: ownership, mastery and aspiration.